Who is Han Sung Ju (한성주)?

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Hanseongju ( 1974 September 23 ~) Miss Korea and broadcasters is 1994 38th Miss Korea competition camp was awarded in 1996 SBS bonds, 6 units announcer made ​​his debut as a television journalist, as the action began. 1999 Aekyung Group jangyoungsin third son of President chaeseungseok married, but divorced 10 months and 2000 SBS announcer and broadcast activity stopped. Since Soongsil After completing a master's degree in Social Work, 2009 , Dankook in the horticultural therapy (psychotherapy through Plant) was completed doctoral studies.

Han Sung Ju Sex Video ripples

2011.12.05 "A ​​sheep movie," What is sex video SNS (Twitter, kakaohtok, Facebook, etc.) has been spread rapidly through. And former sponsor of this video hanseongju namchinin hanseongju and Taiwanese-American, Mr. H chinohppa her, he hired a gang from the detention, collective violence, no reason to take after receiving threats on his blog published in the dimension is argued. He also sponsored hanseongju president's former boyfriend in the same way jopokdeul hanseongju inspired by the imprisonment and assault were in a group has claimed. HA to the police that Mr. H to myeongyehwesonjoe sangtaeda accused. Police, containing the movie piracy DVD 3 million copies were often confiscated. In the aftermath of excommunication MBC TV Changsha Special Planning ' Coy's dream car "that was to fall into this compilation of footage from hanseongju said.